Lacy Jae (lacyjae) wrote in calgarypagans,
Lacy Jae

Say No to Slaughterhouses!

The City of Calgary wants to put a Slaughterhouse IN the North-East of Calgary.

This is bad for a number of reasons, and will affect all of Calgary.

The facility will be operating between 4:00 am and midnight six days a week
500 head of cattle with an expected expansion to 1,600 head
Facility will hold 540 animals
25 deliveries of cattle per day in open cattle trailers
10 loads a day of waste removal (animal by products being shipped to Calgary Landfills)

Increased traffic, open cattle containers, landfills FILLED with slaughterhouse waste.

The cloying smell of blood in the air from animals being constantly killed. It'll stick to everything: you, your clothes, your house, your car.

The plant will use over 900,000 litres of water a day that will be returned to the City's sewage system full of blood and other animal by products.  The filtration process that the company has employed will remove the large chunks of animal flesh and hair, but does nothing to eliminate or pre-treat the biohazardous animal blood mixed in the water.

The City is already asking residents to limit their water use.. so let's just use 900,000 litres more a day?

check out for more info.

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