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Where to start...

So, because I have a Pagan background.. well before the Christians came up into Holland, I decided that I'd be Pagan years ago. But, I haven't practiced anything Pagan. Saying "I've never had the time" is always a handy excuse but it's so worn out that even the glue holding together what remains of it is crumbling. I thought I knew a bit about my background, but unfortunately I know little. I also found out that I come from a mix of beliefs. Way back when when my ancestors were riding chariots, raiding and swinging axes they used to believe that if you died with honour in a battle, then you'd drink the beer out of the skulls of your enemies at the table of Thor and Odin. Despite this, there were also beliefs in goddesses and certain spirits. Some of the ones the Celts believed in. (Though I couldn't name offhand). And we have a bit of a celtic background. It's confusing I know. I'm Friesian. One of the 100 nations of Europe and a speaker of one of Europes minority and endangered languages. There is now an effort going on in Europe to preserve these cultures and their languages. So I'm slowly learning about our true history - my true heritage.

To get to the point, I want to know more about Paganism but from reliable resources. I can walk into many bookstores and find books about the subject, but I had a Pagan gf warn me about a lot of made up or unauthentic reading material.

So yeah, if I'm gonna call myself Pagan, I'd better start BEING one. I also missed whatever events and gatherings in this city.

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