Kale Night (alpha_dox) wrote in calgarypagans,
Kale Night

Design opportunity.

Liquid Fish is an upcoming Calgary-based eclectic design company looking for someone with experience in fashion design to join the team. Creativity and originality are essential, as is a willingness to experiment and focus on the creation of new ideas rather than the constant recycling of old ones. You will be working with a team of three people, specialising in art and jewelry ranging from fetish wear to high-fashion. As such, it is preferable that your designs are dynamic, ranging in style and flavour. Some adult products will also be produced, so applicant must be comfortable with adult themes as well as the occult and rabid eccentricity. Individual must be hard-working and open-minded. You will be paid on the basis of what is sold with the company providing you with any supplies/materials you may need; commissions may apply. Products will be sold both locally and online. Males and/or females welcome to apply. Please email photographs of/or provide a direct link to your work to kalenight@gmail.com. Clothing only.

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